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Me for Spirit Day 2012, Stand Up, Wear The Color by dragontamer272 Me for Spirit Day 2012, Stand Up, Wear The Color by dragontamer272
When I saw the whole deal for "Spirit Day 2012", I just had to contribute to that event. The color for this spirit day is Purple. Do the color to spread the word to STOP Bullying.

Here's my explaination of this piece:

"I wanted to do different layers/tones of purple/violet for the picture, I also wanted to be careful on both the details of the things in the picture and as well as the meaning of the piece. This character is actually supposed to be me in cartoon anime/mange style, I messed up on one small part, being my overall weight, I'm a bit bigger than that. I also never did my whiskers/small beard when I have one, so why not this time? I did me for because the fact that I was a Victim of Bullying, I am now a Survivor. The Puzzle Piece on the Top Right symbolizes my Asperger's Syndrome Autism. And the whole pose and message on here is me Standing Up against Bullying, plus Standing Up for the everyday victims, and most of all... Wear The Color to support this move."

Believe me, I was one of those victims to Bullying too, that time was all A Living Hell. I am survived by the people who are all important to me and who all care about me.

So, spread the word out... let's Stand Up against Bullying and Stand Up for the victims, and wear Purple to take part in Spirit Day 2012.
YesImDeadpool Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012   General Artist
I'm glad they came up with this day.
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October 19, 2012
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